• I had to use this once for a small video game project, but since I hadn’t used it in a while i decided to remove it from my hard drive. I will redownload it when I need it again, though. This sound editor does what it’s supposed to do, it’s lightweight, it just works. And above all, it’s FREE! Amazing if you ask me. Haven’t encountered any bugs while using it (which was like a year ago).



    I love your product every time I used Wave editor my sound quality improved where it was not so good. I also had to cut silences in the voice recordings and this made my telephone system beter.



    I think the Wave Editor is easy and simple to use when editing audio. It is a great program and one I would recommend. Thank you Wave Editor for providing such a wonderful audio tool.



    I have just used your Wave Editor for the first time and it does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do. Absoluteley Brilliant. Thank you so much.


    Roy Boulton

    I am sending you this email to tell you how much I am pleased to happen to stumble upon your sound editor. I include music and, also beginning small speaking files in emails that I design for my wn pleasure. Several (no many!) years ago, I used a program and I believe today that it was the same program of yours! I was exstatic!!!! There was so many different programs to choose from, and most of the programs were too involvered (ie professional audio people) also they were so much more than I, needed. It was very confusing for so many years, until I happened to ‘luckily’ stumble on your program. (I still think that your program is the same one I was looking for, for so many years. This email is important for me to tell you “Thank You” and I would have been more than happy to pay you for it!


    Jack Celler


    Your program is exactly what I was looking for. It has all the features in another program I was using without all the difficulties!I use Wave Editor to edit stereo recordings from a digital audio recorder and music files recorded from internet radio to be recorded on personal CDs. Many times those recordings are of a higher audio level than music purchased from online sources, and frequently need to be faded and/or trimmed to eliminate audio captured from cross fading. Wave Editor is great to work with – the functions are self explanatory. I appreciate being able to ‘Save As’ mp3 format without using a seperate converter.


    Steve Kiely

    I’ve just downloaded your Wave Editor and have to say that after a slightly shaky start, I’ve found it just BRILLIANT !!
    I’m transferring all my vinyl LPs to CD and have been tearing my hair out trying to split the album tracks into separate wave files and have to say that your little programme is the answer to a maiden’s prayer.
    Just about the only thing I’d really like to see added to it would be a scratch/pop/click/hiss filter.
    Many thanks again


    Fred Neale

    Just wanted to let you know just how pleased I am with this program!
    Simple to use and it worked super. I have tried other programs like yours
    and they didn’t even come close. I highly recommend this program and I’m
    recommending it to all of my friends. Thank-you!



    Thanks so much for allowing wave editor to be downloaded freely. What a
    great little program. So quick and easy to use even for beginers like



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Thank you for making such a wonderful sound editing program, I have been incredibly pleased with how small, efficient and simple it is. It is rare to find software that is as perfect as this. I am enjoying it immensly. 🙂